TV & Radio Aerials

Antiference DAB FM Combo Aerial

DESCRIPTION of Antiference DAB FM Combo AerialHigh quality Antiference DAB FM Combo aerial suitable for radio enthusiastsSpec:Forward Gain: ..

44.00€ 49.00€

Antiference FM Circular Aerial

DESCRIPTION of Antiference FM Circular AerialReceives signals from all local transmittersBandwidth of 88-108MHzWith secure f-Type connection..

18.35€ 35.50€

High Gain UHF LTE Wideband Aerial

DESCRIPTION of a High Gain UHF Wideband AerialSpacetronic ASP-38 LTE High Gain Wideband Aerial. Perfect for areas of weak signal. Used ..

44.50€ 46.14€

Mini UHF Log Periodic Aerial (Antiference)

DESCRIPTION of Mini Log Periodic UHF AerialAntiference Mini LP20F Log Periodic AerialPerfect Aerial for receiving the 'Saorview' package in ..

26.38€ 50.00€

UHF Wideband Aerial - 12 Element (Labgear)

DESCRIPTION of a UHF Wideband Aerial (F-Type) Low cost 12 element UHF aerial suitable for high to medium signal strength areas.Made by ..

18.06€ 22.50€

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